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Field Trips


Here are some items to consider carrying on any field trip: binoculars (a must), water, bug spray, sunscreen, hat, sturdy shoes, rain gear for sudden downpours, notebook, camera, contact information

You can subscribe to the calendar below and add events to your own calendar to receive reminders.

You can also download this pdf for a compact field trip schedule covering the year.

Note on using the calendar: If you get the message “Something went wrong…” when changing the month, please RELOAD the page after clicking on the next or previous (< or >) button.You can also quickly go to a month by clicking on the current month, advancing to the month of choice and clicking on the 1st of that month. You will still need to hit RELOAD.


  1. Hello, I was wondering if there will be a field trip to see the burrowing owls this summer at Watermelon Pond? Or is it possible to locate them outside a field trip?
    Thank you,
    Cecilia Carey
    member Seminole Audubon Society

    • We’ll be holding our annual Burrowing Owl field trip on June 3rd this year. We’ll meet at Watermelon Pond at 7:30 a.m. and the county biologists will escort us across the fields to the owl colony. If you watch the “Birding Reports” on this web site ( ), or follow the Alachua Audubon Society Facebook page, you’ll see the announcement.

  2. Unable to move the calendar past January. Any suggestions?

  3. Good morning,
    I’m an old eHoosier Snowbird –
    We used to stay near Trenton but in-laws moves to Tampa area, so……
    MAIN reason for writing – while at Trenton I found a copy of Mr Rowan’s &Mr Manetz‘s
    “A Birdwatcher’s Guide to Alachua County”
    I would like to opine that it’s the Best, most complete, thorough, organized and easy to follow Guide of this type I’ve yet to find!!
    SECOND reason for writing – I’ve been rereading parts of said Guide and wonder
    “Are the Bachmans still GUARANTEED at Longleaf Flatwoods Reserve?????”
    Thanks – for the guide and a “very likely” is sufficient

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