Educational Outreach

Protecting our natural resources through education of adults and especially children.

Audubon Adventures

The start of the school year means we are now soliciting sponsors for classroom sets of Audubon Adventures. If you have been a sponsor in the past you know how important this program is to Alachua County students. For some children it’s the first exposure to learning about the environment, wild birds, and other animals. Who knows? In one of the classrooms you sponsor there may be a future ornithologist who one day may say, “I became interested in birds back in elementary school from a publication called Audubon Adventures.”

The Audubon Adventures program is aimed at third, fourth, and fifth grade classrooms. Each sponsored class receives four sets of newsletters with materials for 32 students in each set. They are filled with information and learning activities. There is also a teacher’s manual with support ideas, activities, and evaluations.

It only takes a phone call! Please call 372-0754 and ask Emily Schwartz to send you sponsor materials if you would like to help. The cost of sponsoring a classroom is $46. Last year we sponsored 41!