Road to Nowhere / Hagen’s Cove

September 28, 2013 @ 10:30 am
5801 Northwest 34th Street
Gainesville, FL 32653
John Hintermister

Meet trip leader John Hintermister at the Tag Agency and carpool to the Big Bend Wildlife Management Area for a full day of birding.

The first destination will be The Road to Nowhere, a 12-mile road that traverses salt marsh, coastal hammocks, pine flatwoods, and oak woodlands. A great diversity of birds can often be seen along this remote road.

The next stop will be Hagens Cove, where shorebirds, wading birds (including Reddish Egrets), and migrant land birds can all be observed.

Bring water, lunch, and bug repellent.

Difficulty: 2 (may involve uneven terrain one to two miles).

2 thoughts on “Road to Nowhere / Hagen’s Cove

  1. My sister Debi Fufidio and I look forward to our first trip this Sat. I haven’t been on an AAS field trip before so I am not familiar with the protocol. Will you provide us with directions to the birding location when we meet at the tag agency? Is there anything else we need to know? Thank you. Lisa

    • Hi, Lisa. Ask about driving directions when you get there. The trip leader, John Hintermister, will be happy to provide them. However you may not need them, because field trip participants generally caravan to the destination. It may also be possible for you to catch a ride with someone else. I don’t think there’s anything else you need to know, except to gas up your car, and to take water, something to eat, and maybe some insect repellent. And of course your binoculars and, if you’re so inclined, cameras.

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