Chapter Board of Directors and Standing Committees

Officers and Directors:

President: Helen Warren  (352-377-7755)
Vice-President: Scott Flamand  (352-665-7020)
Secretary: Anne Kendall  (352-378-0505)
Treasurer: Dotty Robbins (386-454-8087)

Members at Large:

Bob Carroll (352-372-6698)
Joni Ellis  (352-262-7300)
Barbara Fennelly (352-373-1501)
John Hintermister (352-316-2396)
Ivor Kincaide (352-377-6253)
Felicia Lee (714-791-8855)
Mike Manetz  (352-377-1683)
Jonathan Mays (207-249-8334)
Geoff Parks (352-271-9583)
Ron Robinson (352-332-4867)
Rex Rowan (352-371-9296)
Emily Schwartz (352-372-0754)
Debra Segal (352-514-0596)
Barbara Shea
Bob Simons (352-372-7646)

Chairpersons of Standing Committees:

Birding Classes:  Barbara Fennelly (352-373-1501)
Community Liaison:  Helen Warren (352-377-7755)
Conservation:  Adam Kent (813-817-4436)
Crane Editor:  Debra Segal (352-514-0596)
Crane Manager:  Erika Simons (352-372-7646)
Education:  Emily Schwartz (352-372-0754)
Festivals:  Helen Warren (352-377-7755)
Field Trips: John Hintermister (352-316-2396) or  Rex Rowan (352-371-9296)
Historian:  Martha King (352-372-4149)
Hospitality:  Griselda Forbes (352-371-3124)
Membership:  Paul Moler (352-495-9419)
Nominating:  Helen Warren (352-377-7755)
Programs:  Emily Schwartz (352-372-0754)
Sanctuary Manager:  Bob Simons (352-372-7646)
Website:  Rex Rowan (352-371-9296) or Anne Kendall  (352-378-0505)
Yearbook:  Bob Carroll (352-372-6698)

Alachua Audubon’s Board of Directors meets on the 2nd Wednesday of each month (except for April, June, and July) at 6:30 pm in the clubhouse of the Mill Run neighborhood, off Newberry Road near Gainesville Health and Fitness. All members are welcome, but to be honest it’s not very interesting.