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What’s with Tropical Storm Andrea?


From: Rex Rowan <>
To: Alachua County birding report

Tropical Storm Andrea is presently passing to our north, and there’s a fair chance it will deposit some interesting birds at our bigger lakes (like Newnans and Lochloosa) during the last few hours of daylight. Magnificent Frigatebirds, Sooty Terns, that sort of thing. If you can’t come out this evening, first light tomorrow may find a few lost birds flying around the lakes. They don’t usually stay long, though; once they can see where they’re going they usually head for the coast. So, if you don’t mind getting wet tonight, or getting up early tomorrow, come on out to Palm Point and see what’s shakin’. (Maybe nothing.)

If you decide to stay home, you can at least check out a couple of soon-to-be-released bird books:

The Warbler Guide (thanks to Louise Venne for the tip):

Here’s a video about using The Warbler Guide:

This looks pretty interesting to me, though I don’t get out to the coast very often:

Finally, here’s Pete Dunne’s latest. It was released last September, but I hadn’t heard of it until today:

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