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Here are some items to consider carrying on any field trip: binoculars (a must), water, bug spray, sunscreen, hat, sturdy shoes, rain gear for sudden downpours, notebook, camera, contact information

Alachua Audubon Events Calendar

Last Updated July 6th, 2020, Michael Brock


  1. Would also like to join.

    Please advise when you meet.

    • Since we are already approaching what would normally be the end of the field trip season we will not be scheduling any field trips until the cycle begins again in the fall. We will be working this summer to put together that list so keep an eye out for it.

      The only field trip that we are currently running is the Birds & Brews trip which happens the first Sunday of every month out of First Magnitude Brewing. The time fluctuates a bit but the next walk will meet at 6:15 and head out at 6:30.

      • Will you meet 7/4/21 at First Magnitude?

        • Yes we will. We debated whether or not anyone would show up but time has shown that you never can tell how many people will attend. Some of our field trips least likely to have good attendance have turned out to be our best! So we will be there.

  2. Will you be having any virtual meetings in September? Would like to join your chapter.

  3. Sorry for the very late response. I forwarded your note about the book to the authors. Yes, Bachman’s Sparrows can generally be found at Longleaf Flatwoods Reserve. Best time to find them is in spring and early summer when they perch up on shrubs and small trees and sing.

    Debbie Segal

  4. Good morning,
    I’m an old eHoosier Snowbird –
    We used to stay near Trenton but in-laws moves to Tampa area, so……
    MAIN reason for writing – while at Trenton I found a copy of Mr Rowan’s &Mr Manetz‘s
    “A Birdwatcher’s Guide to Alachua County”
    I would like to opine that it’s the Best, most complete, thorough, organized and easy to follow Guide of this type I’ve yet to find!!
    SECOND reason for writing – I’ve been rereading parts of said Guide and wonder
    “Are the Bachmans still GUARANTEED at Longleaf Flatwoods Reserve?????”
    Thanks – for the guide and a “very likely” is sufficient

  5. Unable to move the calendar past January. Any suggestions?

  6. Hello, I was wondering if there will be a field trip to see the burrowing owls this summer at Watermelon Pond? Or is it possible to locate them outside a field trip?
    Thank you,
    Cecilia Carey
    member Seminole Audubon Society

    • We’ll be holding our annual Burrowing Owl field trip on June 3rd this year. We’ll meet at Watermelon Pond at 7:30 a.m. and the county biologists will escort us across the fields to the owl colony. If you watch the “Birding Reports” on this web site ( ), or follow the Alachua Audubon Society Facebook page, you’ll see the announcement.

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