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Kestrel Nest Boxes


Photos of incubation

Thanks to a grant from Florida Power and Light, Alachua Audubon is the proud owner of a new pole camera! This device, which has a lens attached to the top of the pole and a display screen attached near the bottom, allows us to peek inside the 130+ American Kestrel nest boxes that we’ve put up all across north-central Florida in order to monitor the progress of the birds nesting inside. Earlier this month an Audubon group tried out the pole camera at a tract of conservation land in Suwannee County. You can share their discoveries in the attached photos.

Read more about the kestrel nest box program on pages 14 and 15 of the January/February 2019 issue of the newsletter.

June 8, 2020. Here is a quick update from the kestrel box program:  We managed to get the boxes serviced and ready before the pandemic closed down our intern participation.  Erika and I finished our planned upgrading of the most active boxes with metal sheeting around the poles/trees.  Use by kestrels and screech owls was similar to last year, as documented by the number of boxes with eggs.  No monitoring occurred after that to check on chicks.  Ron Robinson reported that the nest box near his house produced fledglings!  Attached is a photo taken last week of a screech owl chick in one of our boxes in Suwannee County.



Female American Kestrel incubating eggs.

American Kestrel eggs.

Male American Kestrel incubating eggs.

Eastern Screech Owl incubating eggs.

Trokon Johnson, Eric Amundson, and Cayley Buckner check on nest boxes. Photo by Bob Simons

Eastern Screech-Owl

American Kestrel being examined.

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