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Rosemary Hill


October 22, 2017 @ 7:00 am – 11:00 am

Meet trip leader Deena Mickelson in the Target parking lot on Archer Road for a visit to this University of Florida property near Bronson. The UF observatory sits on 80 acres of turkey oak sandhill and rosemary scrub surrounded by pastures. We won’t be looking through the observatory’s telescope – it’s daytime, after all – but we’ll bird the slopes of the hill for late fall migrants, and we might run into a Sherman’s Fox Squirrel or two. Bathroom facilities and running water are available on the property. There is room to park, but the last stretch of road is sandy, so carpooling may be preferred. Access to the observatory is restricted, so this is a one-time-only event.


Difficulty: 3



  1. Hi Deena,
    I am interested in participating in guided nature excursions. Is this trip open to non-members? Is there a fee? Is it a good even for two boys 7 and 8?
    Thank you,
    Barry Sawicki

  2. Non-members are always welcome on our field trips. There is no fee, but when we ask participants to sign the “release and waiver” form, we also mention that a small donation would be welcome to “defray field-trip expenses”. That is however purely voluntary; we understand that not everyone can donate. I’ve been in school and missed all field trips this semester, but if memory serves me right, donations are usually somewhere around 2 – 5 dollars, and some people don’t donate at all. We don’t hold grudges – we’re all too busy looking for birds.

    As long as children are accompanied by an adult, they are more than welcome. Again – we will ask you to sign a release/waiver so the Audubon Society is not held liable if something happens to you/them. I point that out because we will be walking in some (pretty firm) sand at Rosemary Hill, and the dry climate could mean we run into a snake or two.

    I wouldn’t call it a very exciting location for your boys, but I think that depends on what they like. It’s a very quiet and secluded area used for the UF research telescopes (surrounded by farmland to allow for dark skies at night). Time permitting, I thought I might pop open the door to the observatory so people could see our 30″ telescope before we leave, but I have no intention of starting it up. 🙂

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