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  1. I’ll be passing through this area in April and wanted to know a great burding spot, any suggestions?

  2. A black skimmer (juvenile) is on the lotus pads at Bivens Arm. I associate skimmers with the shore, don’t expect them inland.
    Am I right?

  3. I’m seeing Mississippi Kites flying around my neighborhood, Windward Meadows, the last two days and I’d like to list them on this page. How do I do that?

    I am a member of Alachua County Audubon Society, I think. I was told to join the National Audubon Society, which I did, and I will automatically be a member of the local chapter. True??

  4. Hi,

    I’ve heard that at certain times in March it’s possible to see loons migrating North from Gainesville. Could I get the details on that please?

    Thank you.

    • The loons are flying from the Gulf Coast in the vicinity of Cedar Key to the Atlantic Coast around Jacksonville or Fernandina Beach, and they fly over Gainesville. An ornithologist at the Florida Museum of Natural History has been documenting this phenomenon for fifteen years. He generally begins his watch on March 15th and ends it on April 10th; loons can be seen before and after those dates, but in smaller numbers. It’s not a daily thing – sometimes they fly and sometimes they don’t – and sometimes they fly so high that you can barely spot them. But on other days you’ll see them by the dozens. Here’s an article describing the ornithologist’s loon watch from four years ago:

  5. Hello,

    My wife and I are going to be in Florida visiting family in the south (Boynton Beach) Dec 22-Jan 5 but will be visiting Cedar Key, Dec 26-29. My area of particular interest is sparrows and I saw that one of your members, Adam Kent, is leading a sparrow Id workshop for the Space coast Birding and Nature Festival, unfortunately for us after our visit.

    I’m wondering if it might be possible to get word to Adam so as to communicate via email as to suggested places to go while in FL looking for some of the birds on my sparrow wish list, ie: Leconte’s, Field, Henslow’s, Nelson’s Saltmarsh and Seaside.

    David Rudin
    Colorado Springs, CO

    • Your message has been forwarded to Adam.

      • Hi Rex,
        I found a couple of swans on a lake with a swampy fringe in northern Marion County between Shiloh and Macintosh that I think are a Whooper swan and a Trumpeter Swan. Is that newsworthy to you? There are also a few pairs of Canada geese that were dropping in and taking off again. I went back today and got some photos. Apparently over the winter there were a dozen or so swans in a flock, but I only saw these two.

        • Hi, Jeff – The lake you’re describing may be stocked with domestic geese and swans. I remember finding such a place when I used to drive around back there in the course of my job. I’ll check it out.

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