Alachua Audubon Society

A chapter of the National Audubon Society

AAS-logoThe Alachua Audubon Society’s mission is to foster appreciation and knowledge of birds and other native wildlife, to protect and restore wildlife populations and their habitats, and to promote sustainable use of natural resources.


Field Trips and Activities, including  Wednesday Bird Walks at the Wetlands 

and Birds and Brew




sightings in Alachua County 

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American Kestrel. See other photos by following the link under “New and Noteworthy.”

Trokon Johnson, Eric Amundson, and Cayley Buckner check on nest boxes. Photo by Bob Simons

Birders at Santa Fe River Preserve. Photo courtesy of Karl Miller

La Chua Great Horned Owls. Photo courtesy of Erika Simons


Bobcat birding at Sweetwater Wetlands Park