Alachua Audubon Society

A chapter of the National Audubon Society


Protecting our natural resources through educated, concerned citizens.


The Regional Conservation Committee are representatives from each of the Northeast Florida Audubon chapters who meet quarterly and have recently stated these Regional Conservation Priorities.

Read more and sign up for alerts on the Audubon Florida web site.

Natural History of other local Orders


Check out the GREBE’s native plant garden for birds on the UF campus



Jay Watch – protecting Florida Scrub-Jays, our state’s only endemic bird species.



Follow this link for information on Window Strikes and read about methods used to help prevent birds from colliding with windows.


AAS Comments on Alachua County’s Trap, Neuter, Release Cat Program

Follow this link for an opinion piece published September 15, 2019 in the Gainesville Sun

Read about a recent 2019 survey on the issue of cat management here.


From The Gainesville Sun:

Read about the first solar sanctuary from a partnership between FP&L and Audubon Florida. We would like to thank Bob Simons for his knowledge and expertise in this endeavor.


Here are some Important Bird Areas located within Alachua County: Alachua Lakes, Goethe State Forest (Watermelon Pond) a Global priority, Kanapaha Prairie a Continental priority, Paynes Prairie Preserve SP, San Felasco Hammock Preserve SP

Conservation and wildlife organizations/agencies

Follow the links for more information about these Audubon programs:

Creating Bird-friendly Communities is about taking personal conservation action to improve the environmental health and habitat quality of our yards and neighborhoods. Together, our actions can have a substantial effect.

Plants for Birds is a program to help you get started in contributing to the welfare of local birds. Our backyards are our private spaces, but also part of a larger landscape we share with our wild neighbors. With the right tools and information, we  can do simple things to create a healthier place to live for birds, plants, and other wildlife.

Look into Audubon’s Native Plant database for a list of plants in your area that birds will love.

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  1. Would you be able to help us with the quote abandoned golf course formerly the West End Golf Course? There are so many beautiful cardinals, doves, finches, bluebirds, a few owls, woodpeckers, and red tailed hawks. There are migratory Sandhill cranes flying over in the spring.
    How does one apply on behalf of the West End Village community for a conservatory certificate such as the sign that is located on the Ironwood golfcourse for a bird sanctuary ?
    Would you please send a link to the application?

  2. Hello….my parents have a 55 acre farm outside of Ft White, FL near Camp O’leno State Park. I am wanting to help the wild life there. I recently built a screech owl house, a Barrow owl house, installed a couple of small bat houses that I want to replace with one large one, and soon a wood duck house. This week when the power company replaced a light pole, I ask them to leave the old one so that I could relocate it and put up a platform for eagles to hopefully nest on. Besides the wood duck house, all of these will require a truck with a bucket lift to install them. Do any members happen to have access to one that I could use for a day?

    • Wes, yours is a good cause! I don’t personally know of any one with access to the equipment that could help but I have also brought your post to the attention of the conservation committee of the AAS in case someone there does.


  3. Hello, my name is Paige Bugryn and I was wondering if you had any job opportunities available at this time.
    Thank you

    • Hi, Paige – Unfortunately, Alachua Audubon is an all-volunteer organization. I don’t know if any of the local chapters have professional staff, but the state office (Audubon Florida ) might have some jobs available. Good luck!

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