Would you like to partner with Alachua Audubon and support specific programs?
If so, here are some suggestions.

Donate a new or used pair of binoculars to the Gainesville High School birding club and help us introduce more high school students to birding. Binoculars cost approximately $125; however, your extra set of used binoculars will be gladly accepted. If you would like to help, please send an email to

Sponsor a College Intern – AAS provides valuable internship experiences to college students who learn and practice mist-netting, bird banding, nest box monitoring, and more. Interns receive a $400 scholarship at the completion of their program. Consider contributing to the AAS college internship fund with any amount.

Contribute to the Bird Banding Lab – Read about the Prairie Creek Bird Banding Lab here. We are continually improving and expanding this facility. Any donation to this important project is greatly appreciated. Donors will be treated to a tour of the Bird Banding Lab.

To donate any amount, scroll down to the Donate button on our Membership Page, choose or enter an amount, and add a note (the note option is available once you are logged in to PayPal) stating the program to which you are donating. You may also send a check to AAS, PO Box 140464, Gainesville FL 32614-0464. Please send an email to if you would like assistance.

Thank you for your consideration,
Alachua Audubon Society