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The June Challenge

  • Download the June Challenge Checklist as an Excel file which automatically keeps tally or as a PDF. What’s the June Challenge? It’s a way to keep us birding when the migrants have left us for their breeding grounds and the summer doldrums are starting to set in.

Results of The 2019 June Challenge

By Rex Rowan, July 2019 – The 2019 June Challenge wrapped up with a party at the home of Becky Enneis, who founded the contest in 2004. Winners were announced, prizes were given, good food was eaten, conversation was enjoyed, and we finished … Continue reading 


Results of The 2016 June Challenge for Alachua County

By Rex Rowan, July 2016 – This year’s June Challenge attracted 42 participants, down from 46 last year and 50 in 2014. However a few birders who chased around enthusiastically at the beginning of the month and probably had totals in the vicinity of 100 species … Continue reading 



The June Challenge 2014 – Alachua County results

From: Rex Rowan <> To: Alachua County birding report Huh. I guess summer’s already over. I escorted visiting Clay County birders Martha Fethe and Jan Morgan out to see a Prothonotary Warbler today. We started at the Lake Alto Preserve, … Continue reading 

The 2013 June Challenge in Alachua County … and Beyond!

By Rex Rowan, July 2013 – The massive June Challenge trophy has a new home. Despite being a relative newcomer to Alachua County and spending the first week of the month in Maine, Jonathan Mays beat everyone else to … Continue reading 

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